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Booker, also known as Booker D. Fred (Fedor Ignatiev) is a rap artist, battle MC, finalist Versus: Fresh Blood (season 2), semifinalist SLOVO: Saint-Petersburg (season 2), champion #STRELASPB (season 1). Participant of the creative Association Antichip, the founding team NKVD.This fall followed a succession of sensational hashtags #BOOKERBOX young and charismatic shooter Fyodor BOOKER developing under the banner of GOING POSTAL TOUR will embark in a major tour on the famous to the whole world of the game. In the program of our non-trivial box of wonders, that your heart desires: new songs, old songs, couplets with battles, very similar to songs, broken bones and broken voices, and sudden stand-UPS in order to get some air and drink some water between classics by stagedive and slams.


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